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Our team has the necessary qualifications and abilities to guarantee a professional quality in the services provided. The Laboratory performs tests both at its headquarters and on premises designated by the client. Types of laboratory tests offered:

  • X-ray and isotopic radiographic examinations (RT) (including selenium Se 75)*,
  • ultrasonic tests and measurements of thickness (UT/UTT)*,
  • magnetic particle testing (MT)*
  • penetration testing (PT)*,
  • visual testing (VT)*,
  • hardness measurement with stationary and portable hardness testers*,
  • macroscopic testing of welds*,
  • impact test, Charpy hammer 300J*,
  • static tensile test (400 kN testing machine)*,
  • static bending test*,
  • portable steeloscope examinations (X-ray spectrometer),
  • videoendoscope examinations,
  • measurements of paint thickness.

* methods recognised by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)

In response to market demand, we have added two unique services to our laboratory range:

Industrial boiler and plant operation monitoring

Industrial boiler and plant operation monitoring is a special advisory and testing service with the aim of assessing the technical condition of the operated equipment.

The service includes one-off or cyclical monitoring. It facilitates making decisions on necessary equipment repairs or retrofitting, and allows the determination of locations at risk of failure.

It helps you to determine investment directions and develop a future strategy. An outcome of the service is a report containing test results that present the findings and recommendations in a clear manner.

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Spot quality and compliance control for power projects

Quality and compliance control for power projects is a compact advisory and control service. It is a spot control, which means that it is triggered at key moments in any project. We support project owners with our knowledge, experience, and, if required, testing facilities. We monitor individual stages of the project by checking the quality and compliance of the work executed by the contractor(s).

We check deliveries, welding work, compliance of the facility with the design documentation and contractual requirements, verify reports on NDT performed by the project contractor(s), and undertake other control activities as agreed with the customer.

We draw up reports covering individual work stages that form the basis for acceptance, or request corrections in the investment process. In contrast to the function of a contract engineer, we carry out the necessary checks and ensure spot support, which allows us to adapt the service to the project owner’s needs and budget.

This service is provided by Energoserwis SA laboratory personnel.

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Michał Ferdynus
Head of the Material Testing Laboratory
Head of the Quality Control Department

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Pursuant to Art. 32 c item 2 of the Nuclear Law Act, a company shall communicate the impact of operations carried out by an organisation unit on people’s health and on the environment, as well as the isotopic composition of radioactive substances released to the environment as a result of the above-mentioned operations.
Notice for 2022. As a result of operations relating to the use of ionising radiation, we communicate that:
– There was no exposure of people in the population to ionising radiation.
– There was no negative effect on the environment.
– There were no releases of radioactive substances to the environment.
2 January 2023
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