The Company’s priority is to maintain the leading position on the market of energy services associated with the production and modernisation of steam and water boilers and also pressure appliances for the energy, industrial and heat-engineering sectors. To this end, we offer high standard and superb quality, reliability and timeliness in our products and services, simultaneously following the principle of sustainable development in terms of environmental protection and health and safety.

The aforementioned policy has been validated by the introduction and application of the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management System, based on the requirements of PN-EN-ISO 9001:2015, PN-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and PN-ISO-45001:2018-6, and the implementation of the provisions of Directive 97/23/EC, allowing the labelling of our pressure equipment with the CE mark.

Our goal is to

  • Ensure comprehensive solutions, taking into account the non-standard requirements of our clients
  • Guarantee the high quality of our products and services and at a moderate price.
  • Guarantee top-class engineering and technical staff, and also general personnel.
  • Apply high-quality appliances, machines and equipment, and also state-of-the-art technologies and professional and efficient work organisation, combined with competent process management.
  • Minimise the risk of injury among all employees by making their workplace free of hazards and dangerous activities, and, through managing occupational risk, accidents and near-miss accidents.
  • Reduce the amount of pollutants associated with the production process to the lowest possible level by managing environmental aspects and emergency situations.
  • Protect natural resources in the process of the production, use and disposal of products and the provision of services.
  • Establish safety and environmental protection standards which meet and, if necessary, exceed the requirements of local law in order to achieve policy goals through compliance management.
  • Constantly seek new solutions enabling the improvement of health and safety and environmental protection.
  • Introduce the requirement for all employees to comply with the aforementioned standards.


On behalf of the Management Board, I undertake to provide all the resources and measures necessary to maintain and disseminate the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management System. I will personally oversee the implementation of the discussed policy. I will make every effort necessary to achieve the objectives formulated in the fields of quality, environmental protection and health and safety at work.

I undertake to support with my authority all the activities of my Quality-Management System Representative carried out in order to ensure compliance with the requirements included in the Integrated Management System Manual


Chairman Of The Board

Stefan Adamiak