About us

We have been operating in the power sector since 1991.
We comprehensively deliver power systems fuelled by gas, biomass, or coal, based on prefabrication in our workshops to allow us to manufacture complete pressure components for boilers.
Over the past 30 years we have gained a reputation in the market of services in the power and heating sectors, all confirmed by our numerous references and our satisfied customers.
All this thanks to our experienced team, working together to develop any project.

Our achievement counter

> 5000 MWt
installed heating power
> > 12 MWe
installed electrical power
> > 1500 t/h
efficiency of built steam boilers
> > 164
completed projects
Our values
PN-EN ISO 9001 certificate
PN-ISO 45001 certificate
PN-EN ISO 14001 certificate
Energy experts
A partnership approach
Experienced team
Sharing knowledge

Certificates and awards.

Get to know our story

Rebranding of the company, launching new services provided by the industrial laboratory, introducing new products to the company’s offer – modular gas boilers


ERP system implementation


Conducting a design audit, developing a new business model


Retrofitting the production workshop with an automatic CNC 100 TSR-RBF pipe bender.


Implementation and certification of the Integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System based on the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004 and PN-N-18001:2004.


Commissioning of the new headquarters of the Company consisting of an office building and a new production hall with an area of 4,100 m2 in Lublin.


Purchase of a production hall with an area of 2,100 m2 in the Rzeszów branch.


Purchase of a production hall with an area of 1030 m2 in Lublin.


Extension of the powers of the Office of Technical Inspection(UDT) to: manufacture of pressure equipment and modernization of steam and water boilers, permanent pressure tanks.


Extension of the powers of the Office of Technical Inspection(UDT) to: manufacture steam pipelines connecting the boiler with the turbogenerator, industrial pipelines for gases and liquids, technological pipelines for gases and liquids.


Expansion of the production infrastructure in Lublin  and launching the production of sheet piling (membrane) walls on our own production line.


Implementation of Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001 and obtaining accreditation.


Establishment of the Materials Testing Laboratory, obtaining the Certificate of Recognition of the Office of Technical Inspection in the field of compliance by the Materials Testing Laboratory with the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.


Start of production in Rzeszów.


Start of production in Lublin.


Obtaining the first UDT qualifications to manufacture elements, repair and assemble pressure equipment.

Manufacturing – what we have

We have a fully equipped and adapted workshop area, measuring 10,000 m2.

To manufacture pressure components, our flagship products, we have:

  • a line to manufacture membrane walls for power boilers, comprising:
    • two four-burner automatic welding machines for welding membrane walls of widths up to 1.5 m
    • a bending machine for preparing membrane walls of widths up to 1.5 m
    • two special automatic machines for pre-drilling boiler chambers and headers with a width of up to 12 m and a diameter of 159–600 mm
    • a special automatic machine for joining membrane walls (by linear hidden arc welding).

Our workshop also has bending machines suitable for bending pipes with diameters of 21.3–108 mm and a thickness of 2.9–8.8 mm.

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