Service: Industrial boiler and plant operation monitoring.

For who?

The service is designed for organisations that need an external assessment of installed process systems. The aim of the service is to indicate the possibility of a failure, verify the data and observations, and then prepare arguments to make investment decisions.

The employer ensures access to the controlled systems in accordance with the applicable OHS, fire protection, and environmental protection principles (such as positioning scaffolding and platforms, making aerial platforms available, removing insulation, cleaning tested systems, etc.).

Types of laboratory tests offered:

  • X-ray and isotopic radiographic examinations (RT) (including selenium Se 75)*,
  • ultrasonic tests and measurements of thickness (UT/UTT)*,
  • magnetic particle testing (MT)*
  • penetration testing (PT)*,
  • visual testing (VT)*,
  • hardness measurement with stationary and portable hardness testers*,
  • macroscopic testing of welded joints,*
  • impact test, Charpy hammer 300J*,
  • static tensile test (400 kN testing machine)*,
  • static bending test*,
  • portable steeloscope examinations (X-ray spectrometer),
  • videoendoscope examinations,
  • measurements of paint thickness.

* methods recognised by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)

Information required to start working together

A list of the required documents is developed individually, depending on the scope of control.

The following is useful for initial review:

  • documentation of operating events (a list of failures from the last 12 months)
    current photographic documentation of the facility
  • additional information related to OHS, fire protection, and environmental protection procedures.


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Michał Ferdynus
Head of the Material Testing Laboratory

+48 887198667

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