Boilers and pressure parts manufacturing

Steam and water boilers

Our product range covers steam and water boilers fuelled by gas, biomass, or coal, as well as heat recovery steam generators.

We execute every project on a turnkey basis, producing complete boiler islands, complete prefabricated boilers, as well as the prefabrication and installation of individual pressure components.

Modular gas boilers

Our product line includes modular gas boilers with membrane walls that feature high efficiency, flexibility, and unparalleled durability, ensuring they can successfully compete with flame and smoke tube boilers.

We currently have two boilers available in this range, 15 MW and 30 MW.

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Pressure components

We can manufacture and install the following pressure parts for boilers and any industrial and process system:

  • membrane wall panels
  • chambers
  • water heaters
  • air heaters
  • steam superheaters
  • pipelines
  • other.

Process plants

We install process and auxiliary systems for power boilers, boiler plants, and engine rooms. We provide a full range of services, from engineering design to installation and commissioning.

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