Material Testing Laboratory

Material Testing Laboratory established in 2001, operates under PN EN ISO/IEC 17025 – and it has been recognised by the UDT. The managers and technical personnel of the Laboratory have the necessary qualifications and professional abilities. The Material Testing Laboratory performs tests both in its headquarters and on premises designated by the Client.

The Material Testing Laboratory provides the following services:

* X-ray radiographic and isotopic (RT) examination, (including selenium Se 75)
* ultrasonic tests and measurements of thickness (UT/UTT),
* magnetic particle testing (MT),
* penetrant testing (PT),
* visual testing (VT),
* hardness measurement with stationary and portable hardness testers,
* macroscopic testing of welds, stereoscope microscope (2x-63x)
* impact test – the Charpy hammer 300J
* static tensile test, testing machine 400 kN
* static bending test,
steeloscope tests with portable X-ray spectrometer
videoendoscope tests, probe length 3.5 m
paint thickness measurements
* – methods recognised by the UDT

Ultrasonic test to detect imperfection or defect of steel plate in factory, NDT Inspection.