Elements for boilers

Energoserwis S.A. Lublin also manufactures components for all types of power boilers. On the basis of our own documentation or the received records we produce:

boiler pressure parts, membrane panels
heders, manifolds and steam and hot water pipeline components
convective bundles, i.e. coils, water heaters and steam superheaters
superheaters and other radiant surfaces
air and exhaust fume ducts
air heaters
dust collection system components, cyclone batteries, multi-cyclones, bag filters
steel structures, including platforms, supporting structures, ancillary installations, suspension, etc.
During the production process we put attention to quality. Our quality-control team exercises constant supervision over the correctness of the manufacturing processes, and perform interoperable tests, inspection and final testing. The team prepares performance certificates and all necessary attachments.

Element kotła energetycznego1
Element kotła energetycznego